Abundant Evidence of Election Fraud!

Unfortunately, there is abundant evidence of problems with counting votes on computers from across our country in the last several elections.

Anyone who thinks about it can understand the dangers of secret vote counting, and this is why so many are worried about allowing our votes to be counted on computers. In fact, a Zogby Poll from August of 2006 indicates that 92% of Americans are worried about our votes being counted in secret. After all of the problems with the 2006 elections, I would say that even more people are concerned today.
Hacking Democracy - Do Our Votes Really Count? Or Are They Being Manipulated?

Electronic voting machines count about 87% of the votes cast in America today. But are they reliable? Are they safe from tampering? From a current congressional hearing to persistent media reports that suggest misuse of data and even outright fraud, concerns over the integrity of electronic voting are growing by the day. And if the voting process is not secure, neither is America's democracy. The timely, cautionary documentary HACKING DEMOCRACY exposes gaping holes in the security of America's electronic voting system. Thank you Bev Harris for all your hard work. Nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism.

Hacking Democracy Part 1 of 9
Hacking Democracy Part 2 of 9
Hacking Democracy Part 3 of 9
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Hacking Democracy Part 9 of 9

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December 16, 2007

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Robert F Kennedy Jr
June 01, 2006

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An Interview with Clint Curtis
February 23, 2007

The Right To Vote -
A Documentary On Electronic Voting
Diebold Voting Machine Failures Found Across State During New Hampshire Primary

Election Officials Confrim that Employees from LHS Associates, Diebold's Sole Programmer, Vendor, and Service Provider in NH, Were Allowed to Access Vulnerable Optical-Scan Systems Throughout Election Day

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